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Taking Refuge In The Triple Gem

For all Buddhists/ taking refuge in the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha is the first and most elemental act on the Buddha's path to freedom.

Buddham Seranan Gacchami

The Buddha

The Buddha is the ideal of spiritual perfect ion, and the Teacher of true path to

attain it.

By taking refuge in the Buddha (Buddha Seranan Gacchami), you take that ideal as your teacher.

You also pledge not to seek false spiritual ideals.

Dhammam Seranan Gacchami


The Dhamma is the true path to spiritual perfection, and the essence of that perfect truth.

By taking refuge in the Dhamma (Dhammam Seranan Gacchami), you take that truth as your goal .

You also pledge to avoid wayward paths and false teachings.

Sangham Seranan Gacchami


The Sangha is the embodiment of that essential truth in those who walk the path to attain spiritual perfection.

By taking refuge in The Sangha (Sangham Seranan Gacchami),you take the Buddhist community as your safeguard .

You also pledge to avoid the company off fools and wrongdoers.

In this way, taking refuge in the Triple Gem of Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha involves a commitment to proper spiritual ideals, as well as a fundamental sense of restraint.

The Triple Refuge is the foundation to genuine freedom. The training rules create the conditions and set the parameters for walking the path that leads to liberation. Maintaining them religiously frees the mind from guilt and remorse, and has a strong protective quality, warding off danger.

To begin with, all Buddhists should observe the Five Precepts of not killing, not stealing, not commit adultery, not lying and no intoxicants.

Practicing precepts not only put a stop to evil, but also promotes the cultivation of all that is good. By restraining the mind and shutting the door on harmful behavior that leads to pain and suffering, and by promoting the purity of mind and action that leads to liberation, these training rules provide the essential foundation for all Buddhist practice .

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